How to choose a door?

You have chosen the Internal Interior door. And which type will be best?

Let us ask a few basic questions when deciding:

1 ) Do I build a new house, move to a new flat or renovate it?

If we have a new home and apartment, we do not have to look at the design of the interior and the whole house, mostly built in modern style, and you can choose any door model to underline the modern and new housing design.

When refurbishing, think about whether my house is built in a standard style and consider which door types will be suitable for design. If you reconstruct the house approx. 50 years old, you can consider solid wood door models or Alt Wien . It is up to you to decide what overall design of your home you want to create.

2) Do I want the door sliding to the wall, to the edge?

If you like sliding doors on the wall or in a pouch, you have to count on it before the reconstruction. There must be enough space for the door to the wall to get the door on the wall, there must be no switches, consider that the open door will take you to a part of the wall, but also the door can be moved, for example, behind the seat if the interior space allows it.

The door in the case must be counted in the case of masonry work with the case. The walled case is very impractical and we recommend the Eclisse cases with which we have the best experience. Of course, our company can make a complete assembly of the interior door, including the case, or the enclosure can be installed by your building company.

3) Which door shade to choose?

The standard door shade is natural – varnished, it is not fashionable, each visit recognizes the originality of the veneer or the massif. When selecting a shade, it is necessary to think about the overall design of your apartment. Most of the shade is adapted to the color of the floors or windows. We do not recommend customizing door shade to your furniture because the furniture can be quickly replaced and the complex apartment design can be disturbed.

4) Which tree is best for us?

Choose beech or oak or some of the soft woods? It is also good to maintain a uniform design – if you have oak floors, choose oak doors. Beech compared to oak is more neutral, it does not have a clear and visible drawing, ie. better adapt to the interior in which you are not bound by a previously selected tree. We have more than 150 veneers, so there is no problem choosing the right one!

5) What about glass?

You are not limited in choosing glass – just maintenance practice. Only glass doors of the Florida type must be tempered, which is specially modified for safety reasons. Choose from a range of ornamental glasses, we can offer sandblasted glass to order.

Base glass swatch – Glass types

6) Suitable clues?

When choosing a handle, take care of the overall design, but also the practicality. Keys Keep it well when opening and closing doors , So it’s a good idea to try it in advance if it suits you. We do not recommend cranks that have sharper edges. Also choose the crank material that suits you and suits the interior.

Crank menu

If you have any doubts about your choice of doors, do not hesitate to contact us contact .

Maintenance of interior doors

For your interior doors to be always clean, we recommend using the door wash, with beeswax and water. We do not recommend using chemical cleaners that are very aggressive and massive wood can cause harm.

For windows, choose a cleaner suitable for window cleaning, there is no limitation and glass damage is unlikely.

With Matelux (Satinato) glass, we know that this glass can not be washed by standard means, so we will provide you with a special cleaner that can clean this type of glass easily and perfectly. If you are interested in this cleaner, please contact us.

How to prepare holes

The installation of door frames is done as one of the last works in your interior, ie. walls must be finished, plastered. Also floors must be laid.

Massive doors

Door dimension Building hole Height
60 cm 70 cm 203 cm
70 cm 80 cm 203 cm
80 cm 90 cm 203 cm
90 cm 100 cm 203 cm

Veneered doors

Door dimension Building hole Height
60 cm 68 cm 202 cm
70 cm 78 cm 202 cm
80 cm 88 cm 202 cm
90 cm 98 cm 202 cm

Why Do The Doors From Internal?

Why Do The Doors From Internal?

First of all, we are the manufacturers of doors, each client is sure he does not deal with a trading company. Our employees are really “from their craft” so they can cope with any requirement. You do not have to make compromises like business firms that are restricted by technical solutions from their suppliers – in most cases large companies that have set up a production program that does not always suit all customers and requirements.

Doors Ostrava, Praha, Bratislava

Visit our sample stores in Ostrava, Prague and Bratislava, where we will introduce our interior doors, advise and answer your questions.

The sample store in Ostrava is also our business outlet where you can meet our technician and solve your specific requirements. You will find here exposed solid wood doors, veneer doors and glass doors. The shop is located in Janik Building in Ostrava, 1st floor. The opening hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm or by agreement. For more information, please visit our contact page.

The sample shop Prague is located on Wenceslas Square No. 13, on the 1st floor, next to Bohemia Crystal. Here are specimens of solid wood doors, veneers, glass and Alt Wien doors. We also offer you technical advice. The shop is open by telephone.

Sample shop in Bratislava, BEKWOODCOTE s. R.o. , Odborárska 52, Bratislava – here you will find basic models of veneered doors, glass doors, Alt Wien doors and hidden door frames.